Pittsburgh Scavenger Hunt for Bikers

Mass start will be at 10 AM, Sat Aug 14 at Southside Riverfront Park, South Side, Pittsburgh, right under the Birmingham Bridge.  The park entrance is at 18th St.  Parking is free.

Maps will be handed out starting at 9:45 until 10:30.  Teams participating get one map and one clue sheet/question and answer sheet.  Participants must sign a waiver.

The map will be a Bike Pgh map.  Some will have checkpoint circle already drawn on them.  Should these run out, participants will have to draw the checkpoint circles themselves from a master map.  The circles are not drawn necessarily on mapped features.  Whenever there is a bit of ambiguity or no mapped feature, the clue sheet will provide the necessary info to refine the search (example:  "30 meters South East of bridge and bike trail intersection")

Recommended return time is 1 PM.

When a cyclist returns, a printed answer sheet will be made available, with which the participant can compare his/her answers.   This is a free event, with no prizes or awards or monetary gains, just having fun and appreciating these bicycle trails along the river.

Participants will be strongly encouraged to form a team, so that one acts as a navigator, the other looks out for markers and street junctions, and when they have to stop and search for something very specific, they have a better chance in finding it.

Presented as part of Pittsburgh Bike Fest 2010