21st Annual PACISE Spring Conference

  Programming Contest Application

Hosted by
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Team Composition:

Each programming team consists of two or three members and is sponsored by a faculty member designated as the team coach. An alternate can be listed in case a substitution might be needed. Team members and the alternate must be undergraduate students enrolled at the University the team is representing.  Coach must be a faculty at the same University.  All members, including faculty and alternates, must be registered for the conference using the conference registration form.

Team Acceptance:

The first team from each University submitting a Programming Contest Application will be guaranteed acceptance to the contest. Additional teams will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis as space permits, except that any school's third team will not be accepted until after all schools' second teams (that apply) are accepted.

Application Deadline:

Each team must complete the following contest application form and return it no later than March 18, 2006.

Contest Overview:

Teams will be assigned a number of problems to be programmed over a four and a half-hour period.  Each team will be assigned one computer for writing programs. The computers will run Windows XP Pro, and will have Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, Eclipse, JDK 1.4, JDK 1.5, and Javadoc installed.  Teams may bring pens and pencils to the contest area. Blank paper will be provided.. Teams may not bring disks, calculators, computers, program listings, notes, or books. See the contest web site for further details.


Applications will be acknowledged via email. Accepted applications will be posted to the participantís page of the contest web site.

Note: A team application does not register its members for the PACISE Conference. Students and faculty must register for the conference using the conference registration form. This contest application form can be returned via e-mail, fax or postal mail.

University:   ________________________________________________________________________

Coach:          ____________________________  E-mail: ______________________ Phone #_______

Team Name: ____________________________ as Team Number _____ (1st, 2nd, etc.)


Student: _______________________________ E-mail: ______________________ Phone # _______

Student: _______________________________ E-mail: ______________________ Phone # _______

Student: _______________________________ E-mail: ______________________ Phone # _______

Alternate: ______________________________ E-mail: ______________________ Phone # _______

Send, Email, of Fax Application to:

Mr. David Smith
335 Stright Hall
Computer Science Department
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indana, PA 15705

E-mail: dtsmith@iup.edu

FAX: (724570) 357-2724

For inquiries, send e-mail to dtsmith@iup.edu or phone (724) 375-4478.