21st Annual PACISE Spring Conference

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Hosted by
Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Universities attending the 21st Annual PACISE Spring Conference are invited to compete at the Programming Contest.  Each University can have multiple teams apply, however, only the first team is guaranteed acceptance.  Teams are comprised of 2 to 3 undergraduate students sponsored by a faculty member.

Contest will take place Saturday morning, April 8 during the PACISE conference.  Winner and first runner up will receive a prize, plaque, and bragging rights.

For further information and contest application:

1.      Contest Rules

2.      Contest Environment

3.      Contest Entry Application

4.      Allowed Reference Materials

5.      Email Contest Chair (Mr.  David Smith)

6.      Emails sent to teams

7.      Participants

8.      Contest Standings

8.      Problem Set





April 7, 2006

 8:30 PM   to  9:30 PM*

 Practice Session

April 8, 2006

 8:00 AM  to 8:30 AM


April 8, 2006

 8:30 AM  to 12:30 PM


April 8, 2006

 2:00 PM (Following Lunch)


Quick Notes (Please read the more detailed information contained in the links provided)

  1. A programming team may have 2 or 3 members.
  2. Textbooks are not allowed!
  3. Each team will be allowed one pre-approved language reference manual. See our approved list here.
  4. Standard Java and STL documentation is available.
  5. Java and C++ are the preferred languages. 
  6. The contest environment is described here.
  7. We suggest each team brings a blank flash memory card for use during the contest.
  8. Any team who may want to use a language besides C++ and Java should email their language request to the contest chair before registering for the contest.
  9. Problems will require both file and console I/O.